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"What best describes the Kugoni Trio? This ensemble is so interesting and wondeful because of its virtuosity, commitment and attention to musical details."
(Wilfried Westerlinck, composer)

"The Kugoni Trio performed with precision and high artistic engagement....
The performance of my piece was therefore very powerful, full of life, meaningful and convincing in every way."

(Jan Van Damme, composer)

“The Kugoni Trio very impressively combines a natural sense of musicality with refined virtuosity and an intelligent insight in the score."
(Jeroen d'Hoe, composer)

"They are fantastic musicians who combine high technical skills with inspiring musicality and openness."
(Hanne Deneire, composer)

"The Kugoni Trio performed my music with great musical expression and pyrotechnic force!"
(Scott McAllister, composer)

“Flexibility, delicacy as well as depth and intensity... Your trio is full of life, breathes together and therefore takes us on a wonderful musical journey." 
(Jean-Luc Defontaine, composer)

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